March is National Social Work Month

Celebrated each March, National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for social workers across the country to turn the spotlight on the profession and highlight the important contributions they make to society, according to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). "Our nation’s more than 680,000 social workers have amazing tenacity and talent. They confront some of the most challenging issues facing individuals, families, communities and society and forge solutions that help people reach their full potential and make our nation a better place to live. We celebrate the contributions of social workers during National Social Work Month."

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February is National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, at least 42 percent of newly diagnosed cancers in the US, which translates to about 750,000 cases in 2020, are potentially avoidable. This includes the 19% of all cancers that are caused by smoking and the 18% caused by a combination of excess body weight, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity. Read more on the Cancer Network.

Signs That You May Have Heart Disease

February is American Heart Health Month. Be proactive about heart health, and don’t wait to seek medical attention if you have any concerns. Read more on U.S. News and World Report.